OpenID Connect Integration

Skipping Discovery Service

AAF’s implementation of OpenID Connect allows service administrators to configure their service to skip discovery service and login directly through a specified IdP.

Getting started

Find the entityID of the IdP that you wish to directly login through. This can be done by looking through the AAF metadata or your own registrations.

AAF Test Metadata
For Example, the AAF Virtual Home:

Sending the request

To enable SkipDS you’ll need to be able to add extra authorization params to the initial request to the authorisation endpoint. If you are unable to do so, currently you cannot enable skipDS for your service. (Note: we are working on a solution for this).

Add the new param entityID=<idp-entityID> where the entityID has been URL encoded.


Note: Request paramaters should be URL encoded. The following is for demonstration purposes only.

GET /oidc/authorize?

This only affects the initial stage of the OIDC flow, it is possible to set up multiple login buttons with their own entityID set, allowing you to limit your service to as many or few IdPs as you want.

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