Connect a Rapid Connect Service

Register service

If you have not done so already, please log in to Federation Manager to get started.

Once you have logged into Federation Manager and are on the ‘Connect a New Service’ page, click on ‘Rapid Connect’. You will then be taken to the Register a New Service page:

Register new rapid connect service

To complete registration please provide the following information:

  1. Name - A descriptive name for your service.
  2. URL - The primary URL of your application which users would enter into the browser to visit your application. This value is provided to your application as the aud claim.
  3. Callback URL - The secure URL within your application that AAF Rapid Connect should POST completed responses to. We described this endpoint as part of the Integration Steps.
  4. Secret - Must be random and securely stored by the service. This value should never be publicly disclosed and is used by the service to verify signed tokens from AAF Rapid Connect. We generated this as part of the Integration Steps.
  5. Organisation - The AAF subscribed organisation which is sponsoring this service.
  • Click Register Service to complete the registration step.