Connect an OIDC Service

Register service

The AAF OpenID Provider (OP) satisfies the OIDC conformance testing framework and passes the Authorization Code flow. The AAF monitors the OP during business hours and responds to service interruption issues promptly.

If you have not done so already, please log into Federation Manager to get started.

Once you have clicked on ‘OpenID Connect’ on the ‘Connect a New Service’ page in Federation Manager, you will then be taken to the Register a New Service page:

Register new service

To complete registration please provide the following information:

  1. Name - A descriptive name for the service.
  2. Description - A meaningful description to help users of this service understand its purpose.
  3. URL - The primary URL of your application where users will initiate the authentication.
  4. Redirect URL - The endpoint which will receive the OIDC responses from AAF. Additional redirect URIs can be added after registration via the client details page.
  5. Organisation - Responsible for the operation of the service, must be an AAF subscriber.
  • Click Register Service to complete the registration step.

You will be provided with the Identifier and Secret used by your RP service that is generated during the registration process.

You only have one opportunity to copy the Secret, it cannot be recovered later. You can however generate a new secret later.

Your service is now available to use immediately in the Test Federation!

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