Connect with Keycloak

Add an identity provider

  • Once in the selected realm (in this example, it is ‘myrealm’), click on ‘Identity providers’ (at the bottom of the left hand menu bar).

Identity provider Link

  • Click on ‘OpenID Connect v1.0’ in the ‘User-defined’ section. This is the open protocol standard that AAF uses to authenticate users in this instance.

Identity provider Link

  • In the ‘Add OpenID Connect provider’ section, copy the value of the Redirect URI field to your clipboard.

OpenID connect provider

Keep the Keycloak admin console page open as you will need to enter the Client ID and Client Secret field values provided by Federation Manager into Keycloak.

  • On the ‘Register a New Service’ page (for OpenID Connect) in Federation Manager, paste the Redirect URI value obtained from Keycloak into the Redirect URL field.

Register new service

  • Once you click ‘Register Service’ you will receive an ‘Identifier’ and a ‘Secret’ from Federation Manager (Test).

Keycloak service

  • Copy these items to your clipboard and head back over to Keycloak.
  • Paste these items into the Client ID and Client Secret fields, respectively, within the ‘OpenID Connect settings’ section of the Keycloak console.

Oidc provider secret

The other mandatory fields in this section are the Discovery Endpoint and Client Assertion Signature Algorithm.

  • The Discovery Endpoint will be:
  • The Client Assertion Signature Algorithm will be ‘RS256’ as it is the currently available algorithm when signing JWTs. If no algorithm is specified, Keycloak will default to RS256 in the case of a JWT signed with a private key.
  • Click ‘Add’.

You will see the new identity provider settings (as shown below).

New identity provider settings

If you click on the ‘Identity providers’ option (in the left-hand menu bar), you will now see the newly created identity provider called ‘oidc’:

OpenID connect provider

  • When next signing in, you will see the option to sign in with ‘oidc’ (or whatever alias you chose to identify your identity provider).
  • Click on ‘oidc’.

Sign in with oidc

This will take you to the AAF Discovery Service (known as AAF Central).

  • Select your organisation from the list provided and click ‘Continue to your organisation’.

Log into Central

  • You will be prompted to enter your username and password.
  • Click ‘Sign in’.

Log in to organisation

  • If authentication is successful, you will be taken back to your Keycloak account console.

New user account

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