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Register with VerifID Global

To register as a new client with VerifID Global:

  1. Contact AAF Support first to discuss terms and conditions.

  2. Register your details in the Federation:

Note: You will need an AAF account (e.g. VHO account) to access the above registration link. Contact AAF Support to request an account or alternatively, send your registration details (i.e. Display Name and Redirect URI, as shown on the form below) to AAF Support.

If you have an AAF account and have clicked on the registration link, you will be taken to the VerifID Client Registration page:

Verifid Client Registration

Please provide the following information:

  • Display Name - The human-readable name of your client. This will be shown to users when they're prompted to consent to verification. Maximum 255 characters. Cannot begin or end with whitespace characters.
  • Redirect URI - The endpoint which will receive the authorization response from VerifID's OAuth 2.0 authorization server. Maximum 255 characters. Must be a secure (https://) URI. Additional redirect URIs can be added by getting in touch after completing your registration.

  • Click Register Now to complete your registration.

For more information about VerifID and how it works, refer to the VerifID Global website.

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