Adding & Editing Tutorials - A Guide for Contributors


We welcome contributions to our AAF tutorials. If you’d like to help us, a great way to start is by raising an issue on GitHub, which will require a GitHub account. This will allow our team to track and prioritise your suggestion.

To suggest updates to the documentation (minor/major changes or new tutorials), you also have the option of opening a Pull Request (PR). To do this, you should have a general grasp of how GitHub works, including creating branches, making commits, and pushing changes. Additionally, you’ll need to collaborate with our Tech Team to ensure your suggestions are reviewed and incorporated into the tutorial content.

Prior to opening a PR, you will need to set up a local development environment.

What you’ll learn

  • How to request minor changes to the tutorial documentation
  • How to contribute new tutorial content:
    • Set up a local development environment for the project
    • Create the structure for a new tutorial
    • Tips for writing and formatting your tutorial content
    • Submit your content to the AAF for review

What you’ll need

  • Knowledge of Git concepts
  • A GitHub account
  • Docker Desktop
  • Ruby packages (optional):
    • Bundler
    • rake
    • Ruby development package for building native extensions