VerifID Integration


  • Affiliation means a value of the “eduPersonAffiliation” attribute asserted by the Organisation for the User.
  • Client means a service operated by a VerifID customer, that wishes to verify the User’s Affiliation values.
  • Organisation means the SAML Identity Provider which is responsible for authenticating a User, and the source of truth for their identity data.
  • VerifID Service Operator means the legal entity offering the VerifID service to a Subscriber through a commercial contract defined outside of this document.
  • Subscriber means an organisation that subscribes to the VerifID service and is in good standing with the VerifID Service Operator.
  • User means a third party who is consuming a public-facing component of theClient via a web browser.
  • VerifID means the service and API defined by this document.
  • Verification refers to the interactive process of authenticating a User against their Organisation and returning to the Client a result relating to the User’s Affiliation values.

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