SAML Integration

Install Shibboleth - Example A

A Simple PHP Server installed on Linux

The following is a sequence of steps to protect a service (in this instance, a simple PHP script) by deploying a Shibboleth SP with Apache running on Linux.

For supported Linux distributions, the Shibboleth Consortium provides a web service which generates the appropriate package management configuration file. Read about this service.

Copy the configuration into a file in the repository directory, on CentOS/RedHat for example, the file can be labelled /etc/yum.repos.d/shibboleth.repo

1. Install Shibboleth

Install Shibboleth, Apache and the SSL libraries for the architecture of the OS: x86_64 or i386, to ensure the installation of the appropriate versions of and other pluggable modules. This demonstration will use Shibboleth SP 3.1.x, Apache 2.4 and the current SSL libraries, and PHP to demonstrate the protection of a simple application and passing user attributes to the application.

$> yum install httpd.x86_64 mod_ssl.x86_64 shibboleth.x86_64 PHP.x86_64 -y

An outline for installing the Shibboleth SP on other web platforms is available in the Shibboleth Wiki.

At this point in the deployment process, determine which federation the application will join: TEST or PRODUCTION. This choice influences which metadata distribution service to connect and which Federation Manager (FM) will process the SP Registration.