SAML Integration

Start services and check logs

Using the system tools, start or restart the Apache and Shibboleth services. For Linux these are: httpd and shibd.

The shibd service creates its own logs in /var/log/shibboleth. These are the most important logs for debugging anything regarding the SP and most problems manifest here rather than in the web server logs.

Read details on the available configurable options.

To check the services are active, use the following command to retrieve the Shibboleth service status from the host’s console.

`$> curl https://localhost/Shibboleth.sso/Status --insecure`

If the Shibboleth and Apache services start correctly, the web server will respond with a Status Handler report containing the current time (GMT) and the operational status of the SP instance. The <Status Handler> is only accessible from a remote client by updating the shibboleth2.xml file and adding the client IP address to the ACL parameter within the <Handler type=”Status”> located within the element. The ACL is restrictive by default since the SP can reveal sensitive information about the host and software versions in use.

Read details on the available configurable options