SAML Integration

Configure the application

The Shibboleth installation will create the secure directory in Apache’s DocumentRoot directory and protect that directory with a <Location> directive in the conf.d/shib.conf file. Create a PHP file in the secure directory and add the following PHP script to the file. This script is the Shibboleth protected application for this demonstration. The PHP script is not accessible without authentication and reports the Apache’s environment, including the attributes received by Shibboleth from the user agent.

<?php echo date("h:i A, l jS \of F, Y.") ?> <br/>
<?php echo $_SERVER['eppn']; ?> <br/>
<?php echo $_SERVER['affiliation']; ?> <br/>
<?php echo $_SERVER['persistent-id']; ?> <hr/>
<?php foreach ($_SERVER as $key => $value) {
   print $key."=>".$value."<br>";} ?> <br/>

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